With the yard situated on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, both horse and owner are treated to the best of what Yorkshire has to offer.


The gallops can be one of the most idyllic places on a clear morning. Although it is great to see your horse fly up the woodchip, you can also witness some breath-taking views that show Yorkshire at its finest.


Our gallops are second to none set amongst 90 acres of the Hambleton Hills part of the original Hambleton Racecourse. Hambleton Racecourse held the most important aristocratic rural meeting in Yorkshire during the 17th and 18th centuries and was once described as a second Newmarket.


As well as our own gallops we also have the opportunity to use the fantastic facilities at Malton and are allowed to gallop at certain local tracks. This offers a change of scenery for the horses whilst also helping with younger horses gain experience in travelling to and from exercise, something that becomes very important when they begin their racing career.

There are four covered horses walkers at the yard. They allow for controlled exercise and can have up to six horses on at any one time. Walkers are very important when horses require light exercise, this can be from injury, conditioning, fitness levels or they may be on a break.


On work mornings the horses will spend 30 minutes after intense exercise on the walker. This allows them to cool down and lets their bodies gradually return to their normal state of function. This reduces the risk of any serious conditions developing after intense exercise.

Our indoor school is an excellent area that offers a range of different training and exercise opportunities. Fully enclosed and under cover it ensures it’s use throughout the entire year, meaning the horses never miss a day in their training regime.


The woodchip base  provides a lovely cushion underfoot and being mixed with silicon sand it creates a more consistent surface. This reduces excess movement underfoot which in turn allows exercise to be done at a good intensity whilst limiting risk of injury.


It is an invaluable asset to the yard and is used for various training techniques.

Treadmills are a popular form of training equipment and Kevin was one of the first trainers in Britain to use one. This is a powerful tool used in the training and conditioning of the horses.  Horses exercise under controlled conditions and can be monitored throughout their exercise programme.


It is a very important aid to the training regime and is used for so many different requirements such as exercise, rehabilitation from injury, exercise during injury, conditioning and so much more.


It has become very important to the success of the yard over the last few years and has dramatically reduced injuries whilst helped to increase the recovery process of other injuries.

Water Treadmill

Our water treadmill is a vital tool to help aid horse’s fitness and recovery. The hydrotherapy helps with the well being of our horses in various areas of their training regimes.


The treadmill can be filled with with water as low as the foot all the way to the shoulder and contains Epsom salts for their multiple health benefits.


One of the biggest advantages of the water treadmill is in the unfortunate event of injury and the relaxing benefits of Epsom salts can aid with recovery following race or exercise.