Treadmills are a popular form of training equipment and Kevin was one of the first trainers in Britain to use one. This is a powerful tool used in the training and conditioning of the horses.  Horses exercise under controlled conditions and can be monitored throughout their exercise programme. It is a very important aid to the training regime and is used for so many different requirements such as exercise, rehabilitation from injury, exercise during injury, conditioning and so much more.

It has become very important to the success of the yard over the last few years and has dramatically reduced injuries whilst helped to increase the recovery process of other injuries. Every horse will be introduced to the treadmill and once they become used to it, it can provide a welcome change in their routine.

Another great training tool that has been added in recent years is the weighing machine that will give you the horse’s accurate weight. All of the horses are weighed regularly and this gives a good indication of fitness, health and general well being.

All of Kevin’s runners are weighed pre and post race with the data recorded. This shows how much weight each individual loses during the race and travel. The data also allows Kevin to see what each horse’s optimum racing weight is and can therefore monitor this for future reference.