Indoor School

Our indoor school is an excellent area that offers a range of different training and exercise opportunities. Fully enclosed and under cover it ensures it’s use throughout the entire year, meaning the horses never miss a day in their training regime. The woodchip base  provides a lovely cushion underfoot and being mixed with silicon sand it creates a more consistent surface. This reduces excess movement underfoot which in turn allows exercise to be done at a good intensity whilst limiting risk of injury. It is an invaluable asset to the yard and is used for various training techniques such as;

  • Pre-exercise Warm Up – allows horses to walk and trot round before any gallop exercise, increasing heart rate and blood flow whilst also loosening all joints and muscles.
  • Exercise – due to the varying weather conditions the gallop can be out of use at times but full exercise is possible due to the school, ensuring the horses maintain fitness to optimum levels.
  • Breaking In – as Kevin “breaks in” a lot of horses in the yard, the school is important as it offers a spacious and safe environment. The base limits any jarring or injury to young horses and their joints whilst the spacious area is very welcoming to young horses, helping to introduce them to their trade.
  • Turn Out – when required it offers a good size area for any horse to be turned out in to, whilst being safe enough to prevent any risk of injury to the horse.