Equine Spa

The equine spa is used as a rehabilitation aid for horses that have suffered from minor injuries.  The horses stand in cold water (known as cryotherapy) which is mixed with Epsom salts. There are jets that can be switched on and this will pump air into the water creating strong bubbles around the limbs and joints of the horse. This process increases the rate of circulation in the body, which in turn aids recovery in the damaged tissue. Along with this the cold water reduces any heat or pain that may be in the affected area.

Horses will spend up to 30 minutes in the spa and the process is pleasant for them. Heat lamps are suspended above them and these are switched on throughout, ensuring the horse is kept warm and comfortable. Depending on the where the injury is situated, the water level is adjusted manually to suit each horses needs.

Although used for injury, it is also vital in the maintenance of older horses. After years of racing horses, like humans, begin to show the affects of the wear and tear on their body. Joints and limbs become sore and take longer to recover from exercise or racing. The spa helps with this and enables older horses to maintain there ability well into their later years.
It has been a major asset to Kevin and has drastically increased the recovery process from injury and maintenance of older horses. It has allowed horses to compete when it didn’t look possible and has increased the longevity of some horses careers.